360° Patella Stabilizer Go Strap

$19.95 $25.95


Are you living with knee pain? Stop!
This simple Knee Support Belt alleviates many symptoms of some of the most common causes of knee pain such as Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritisTendinitis, and Gout. If you experience any knee pain, this belt can help you!
Uniquely applies extra pressure around the patellar tendon underneath your knee cap in order to provide the exact support you need to do the things you love to do, PAIN FREE! 

☑️ ALLEVIATE PAIN SYMPTOMS - No more sharp shooting, dull lingering, or aching pain of any type! 
☑️ REGAIN ABILITY TO DO MORE - Allows you to get back to doing thing things that you love!
☑️ EXERCISE SAFER WITH STABILITY - Extra support to your patellar tendon that wraps around your entire knee.
☑️ 100% ADJUSTABLE - Breathable high quality cotton material
Package includes: 1 x Knee Support Belt